The Saint John Cantius Fundation in Krakow

The Foundation of Saint John Cantius was established in August 28 2003 to serve talented young people who desire to study, but very often struggle with basic problems of life. Emulating the example of Saint John Cantius, Professor of the Jagielonian University in Krakow, we thank God for his presence in our own lives by supporting talented university and seminary students who are in need of financial help. We offer full scholarships and other assistance to foster their spiritual and pedagogical needs.
Fundacja im św. Jana Kantego

Saint John Cantius, (1390-1473) not only educated and formed his students but also shared his talents, time and financial resources with them and the poor. His example of Christian virtues in action and values in his daily life was a powerful testimony remembered by generations of people through the centuries.

We strive to work for the common good, in order to build a culture of love and mutual respect among people. The Gospel is the source of inspiration for the Foundation as it was for Saint John Cantius.

The Saint John Cantius Foundation is a charitable institution that is governed, independently of the diocesan structure, by the rules of the said Foundation´s laws.

The assets of the Foundation are accumulated through donations of the founders, donations of other persons and legal entities, and also by founds and goods obtained through dispositions of wills, endowments subventions, subsidies and income from its own assets.