1. The Mission of the Foundation
    1. The Mission of the Foundation is to assist talented Roman Catholic youth united in apostolic unity of faith love and hope with the Pope, the legitimate successor of Saint Peter Apostle, Bishop of Rome in formation of mature character, based on the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ in every human aspect of life in their work environment, home, and every day life.
    2. The Foundation is an Institution of Catholics governed by its legal Bylaws and Statutes.

  2. The Goals of the Foundation
    1. Assists in the education of very talented Catholic students of college age, who lack the necessary financial means to pursue higher education in the specified educational disciplines as directed by the Foundation by financing sufficient full educational scholarships necessary during their time of study.
    2. Assists financially those diocesan seminarians studying languages
    3. Assists in the education of diocesan priests in national and international educational institutions in the specified educational disciplines as directed by the Foundation and approved in writing by local diocesan bishop.
    4. Assists recipients of scholarships from other sources which are similar in philosophy to the Foundation´s, aiding to the licit life of the recipient during the time of study.
    5. Promotes the spirit of solidarity amongst the Foundation members and aids the Christian and social formation of new scholarship recipients by the members, as a sign of gratitude to God and to the Holy Catholic Church
    6. Develops solid membership, builds organizational structures, and strengthens financial resources of the Foundation which will help in promoting its mission goals.

  3. The Educational Disciplines Assisted by Foundation Scholarships
    • Theology
    • Economics
    • Journalism
    • Architecture
    • Medicine & Pharmacy
    • Psychology
    • Canon Law & Secular Law
    • Polish Linguistics
    • Information Science
    • Media (theater, film production, etc)
    • Foreign Languages (Seminarians, Priests)
    • Other disciplines of science and art, as financialresources allow, and with the approval of the Board by simple majority vote.

  4. The Assets of the Foundation
    1. Foundation administers the assets as described in the By Laws.
    2. Foundation respects the will of donors and bequests.

  5. The Requirements of Scholarship Recipients
    1. Documentation, in accordance with the scholarship award statutes, of financial hardships, confirmed by recipient´s parish priest. In the case of applicants from orphanages, especially those governed by the Church, the Board of Directors determines the qualifications.
    2. High average grades (parameters are determined by the Board)
    3. Participation required at two open Board meetings per year.
    4. Voluntary service to the Foundation as indicated by the Board (correspondence, taking minutes, help in the fundraising efforts of the Foundation, etc.)
    5. Attendance at the annual solemn, inaugural Mass of the academic year in commemoration of St. John Cantius.
    6. Active participation in various Roman Catholic academic ministries as validated by the proper priest moderator.
    7. Completion of academic studies in accordance with the ratio studiorum of their chosen discipline. In the case of extraordinary circumstances, the Board will decide the duration of the scholarship.
      1. The amount of the scholarship is dependent on the factual need of the scholarship recipient and is adjusted annually by the Board.
      2. The scholarship recipients are encouraged, after graduation, to financially aid at least one person within the scope of activities of the Foundation of Saint John Cantius. In the spirit of Christian gratitude for the aid received from the Foundation.

  6. The Membership of the Foundation Chapter
    1. Persons who identify themselves with the mission of the Saint John Cantius Foundation and who aid the Foundation financially are eligible to be admitted to the Foundation Chapter. Acceptance of a new member to the Foundation Chapter is decided by the Board after the recommendation of two founders or two members of the current Board. The Foundation Chapter is the advisory and inspirational body in the work of the Foundation.
    2. The Foundation reserves the right to remove a member from The Foundation Chapter in the case of serious violation of the Bylaws or the Statutes of the Foundation after the written request of at least five members of the Board. The decision is made by the Board in secret ballot with at least two thirds of the Board members present.

  7. The Board of Directors of the Foundation
    1. The governing body of the Foundation is the Board of Directors that consists of no more than 13 members, including the President.
    2. The membership of the Board is limited to individuals who desire to work diligently for the good of the Foundation, out of Christian faith and gratitude to God for His love for us.
    3. The members of the Board are elected, and their number is set, by the members of the Foundation by a vote of at least a three-fourths majority of those who are eligible to vote.
    4. The Board of Directors shall be composed of at least the President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.
    5. The President of the Board shall always be an ordained priest.
    6. The Board´s resolutions are passed by simple majority vote in the presence of at least half of the statutory members of the Board. In the case of a tie vote, the President shall cast the deciding vote.
    7. The Board of Directors pursues its functions voluntarily. It may vote to amend this volunteer clause should it become necessary due to the scope of work and the availability of financial resources to remunerate an individual for services rendered. In such case, the remuneration of any such person together with all operating costs of the Foundation are not to exceed five percent of the annual budget.
    8. The Board shall direct the Foundation´s current work.
    9. The Foundation is represented by the President or the Vice President and any financial commitments require two signatures; that of the President or the Vice President, and that of the Treasurer.
    10. The term of office of the Foundation´s Board of Directors is five years with the possibility of an extension of no more than three total terms. If a member is to serve a time longer than specified above, a three year lapse of time off the Board is required.

  8. The Scope of Responsibilities of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.
    1. The Board of directors consists of no more than seven ordained priests (including the President of the Board) and no more than six lay members of the Roman Catholic tradition, always maintaining the ratio between priests and lay persons of one more priest than the number of lay persons.
    2. The Board of directors is to prepare the annual budget of the Foundation.
    3. A preliminary budget shall be sent to each member of the Board before presentation to the Foundation. A ballot to approve/disapprove the budget is to be delivered in person or mailed in adequate time before the next Board meeting.
    4. The budget of the Foundation is to be approved by the Board members by simple majority rule and is to be sent to all the members of all the entities of the Foundation for their information.
    5. The Board conducts enterprising activity on behalf of the Foundation.
    6. Election to the Board is preceded by the announcement of candidates by the members of the Board or the Foundation Chapter.
    7. The Board is to meet at least four times per year on specified and announced dates. Two of these meetings are to be open meetings.
    8. The minutes of the meetings are to be recorded and are to be available to the Founders, the Board members, the members of the Audit Commission, and the members of the Chaplet.
    9. The members of the Board, on the advice of the President of the Board, shall divide the responsibilities of the Board amongst themselves.
    10. Acceptance of each of the Foundation endeavors shall be voted upon by simple majority rule in the presence of at least half of the Board members. In the case of equally divided votes, the President shall cast the deciding vote.

  9. The Audit Commission
    1. The Audit Commission consists of the President of the Audit Commission and two members who are elected for three years. The Audit Commission members shall work independently of the Board and shall not simultaneously be members of the Board. They shall not be related to any of the Board members or be subordinate to any of them. Audit Commission members shall be persons who have never been penalized by a final verdict of the court for a deliberately committed crime. Members of the Audit Commission shall have no other income from serving in this position other than that which the public service law allows. In the case of a vacancy on the Audit Commission, it is the right of the Commission to fill the vacancy by selecting from the members of the Foundation.
    2. The scope of work of the Audit Commission shall be:
      1. Overseeing and controlling the work of the Board, including financial matters.
      2. It is the Commission´s right to call a meeting of the Board.
      3. Presenting the audit report to the Board and the Founders.
      4. It is the Commission´s right to send a delegate to the Board meeting, who is enabled to have an advisory voice to the Board.
    3. In the case of deliberate harmful conduct against the Foundation by a member of the Board, the Audit Commission shall inform both the Board of Directors and the Founders.
    4. The President of the Audit Commission:
      1. Calls the meeting of the Audit commission and presides.
      2. Initiates all activities of the Audit Commission as stated in points two, three, and four.
    5. The Audit Commission shall annually audit:
      1. The financial status of The Foundation
      2. The activities of the Board of Directors

  10. The Benefits to the Membership of the Foundation
    1. Religious contentment in fulfilling the mission of being grateful to God for the gifts and blessings received, as well as belonging to a Christian family of people with the same way of life.
    2. Benefit of one Mass per year celebrated on the feast of St. John Cantius (or other day designated by the Board) and offered for the deceased benefactors of the Foundation until the dissolution of the Foundation.
    3. Benefit of one Mass per year celebrated on the feast of St. John Cantius (or other day designated by the Board) and offered for the living benefactors of the Foundation until the dissolution of the Foundation.
    4. Benefit of one Mass per year celebrated on the feast of St. John Cantius (or other day designated by the Board) and offered for blessings for the Foundation until the dissolution of the Foundation.(Offerings for these masses should be given to the priests celebrating the Mass, according to the accepted norms of the time and place) Priority should be given to the priests who are members of the Board of the Foundation.
    5. Assistance in various needs, if such need occurs, to the persons involved in the mission of the Foundation, including financial help, according to the means and rules defined by the Board of the Foundation.
    6. Those who identify themselves with the mission of the Foundation are encouraged to aid each other in any need, either personal or professional, according to the dictates of social and Christian justice and love.
    7. If the Board of Directors deems it proper, any member of the Foundation may receive a burial plot at Bielany Cemetery and may have good care of said plot.

  11. Changes to the Statutes or Their Abolition
    1. The abolition of the Foundation may occur if such resolution passes by the majority vote of three-fourths of the Founders in accordance with point 21 of the Bylaws of the Foundation.